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The London Converstions
Talk about mission impossible!

We were given 3 days to design, build & complete a bespoke CMS website for a US Conference aimed at US Businesses who are looking to locate & invest in the UK. The London Conversations had already paid for a website to be built before contacting us, but they didn't think it conveyed the vision of what they were trying to achieve in spite of 2 months of trying so they asked us if a rebuild was possible within 2 days as the Conference Event was due to start two weeks later.

Most things are possible even in a short time frame as long as the content is ready, but achieving this would come down to how much resources The London Conversations wanted us to divert to getting them to where they needed to be.

We spent a day creating an artwork template impression of the proposed website which they loved, & the go-ahead proceed quickly followed. Within two days the website was built & launched and over the next 10 days, several revisions & additions were made as more Heads of State, Ambassadors, Business Leaders, and Entrepreneurs were added to the roster to speak at the weeklong series of events.

The event was a great success & Creative Media Mavericks played our part which was gratefully acknowledged by our client and the attending delegates. The website is now to be converted into an ongoing concern to facilitate US companies looking to set up in the UK in the wake of Brexit which is great, because it would have been a crying shame if it was to be scrapped after the conference as was the original plan.